Keeping Your Home Intact: Recognizing the Need for Stucco Repair

Maintaining the exterior appearance and safety of your home includes paying attention to its stucco finishing. Over time, even the most durable stucco can show signs of wear and tear. It is crucial to recognize these signs early to maintain your home’s structural integrity, comfort, and curb appeal. Here are the top three indicators that suggest you may need an exterior stucco repair:


The first telltale sign is cracking. Hairline cracks are relatively normal due to settling or slight shifts in your home’s foundation. However, larger cracks or patterns of multiple cracks could indicate more serious issues. They allow moisture to penetrate behind the stucco, which can cause significant damage internally and should be repaired promptly.

Visible Stains

The presence of stains or streaks on your stucco could imply water retention problems. Persistent dampness can lead to mold and weaken structural materials. Identifying and fixing the cause of staining is necessary to prevent long-term damage and protect indoor air quality. In this case, call professionals to help you. They can provide you with excellent services.

Bulging or Sagging

A bulging stucco surface indicates that there might be a deteriorating lath system underneath due to water intrusion. This problem goes deeper than surface level and needs immediate attention as it affects the integrity of your home’s exterior wall. Beyond these signs, if you notice any softness upon touch or hear hollow sounds when tapping on certain portions of your stucco walls, it could suggest detachment from its supportive structure, another red flag for needed repairs.

Your home is an investment worth protecting. And keeping an eye out for these three critical indicators ensures it remains in prime condition. If you’re experiencing issues with your property in Slidell, LA, turn to SM Remodeling for professional exterior stucco repair. We understand the importance of a safe and beautiful home. For more info, call us at (985) 205-3359 for expert help and peace of mind regarding all your stucco maintenance needs.

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